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We are glad that you decided to look around our store. Drs. Murrell and Connally have also published a book through Tif'eret press.

You can find out about that book by exploring 

But now, Becca and her friends are so excited that you are here! 

The Becca Epps Series

About The Becca Epps Series

The Becca Epps Series is a collection of picture books that explore the intersection of psychological science and daily life.

Each book features relatable characters and engaging illustrations to help young readers and those who love them better navigate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


"The author's notes and questions at the end are a great bonus for caregivers (or professionals) to guide children with putting what is important at the forefront of their actions"

Corinn Johnson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist at Children's Hospital of New Orleans, Louisiana 

"...a book I can't wait to get into my classroom, It is exciting to see a book written in such a beautifully relatable, accessible, inclusive way..."

Gabriel Lopez, 4th Grade Teacher 

"Engaging. Simple. Fun. I love this book. 

Maria Karekla, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Picture Book Author 

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