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- Meet Our Team -

Dr. Murrell (on the left) is an affiliate professor and a licensed psychologist in private practice. She also co-authored the Joy of Parenting with Lisa Coyne, published by New Harbinger in 2009 and To Be With Me (co-authored with Dr. Connally, published by Tif'eret Press in 2023). She is passionate about writing that integrates evidence-based psychological science, holistic healing, and creative storytelling. When she isn't working with patients or writing, she is probably to be found making some creative meal from scratch!

Dr. Connally (pictured on the right) is a visual artist, a licensed psychologist, and co-owner of G Parenting. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and her B.F.A. at the University of North Texas. As a daughter of Colombian immigrants and a first-generation student, Dr. Connally is passionate about making mental health and parenting education accessible.

- Our Mission -

We are a bookstore specializing in the picture book series 'The Becca Epps Series About Bending Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors'.

Our books are informed by psychological science and aim to provide children with acceptance and mindfulness skills through the use of storytelling about everyday life. 

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